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My Expert Midwife | Professionals

This area of our website at My Expert Midwife is designed to cater to range of healthcare professionals who work in maternity care or those who provide antenatal education classes.

Our clinical team here includes a range of health care professionals (midwives, researchers, doulas and doctors) so we understand the importance of developing useful resources which are evidence-based but, also and critically, ones which are practical and useful to both ourselves and the women and families we work with.

We hope this area will help to provide an innovative and practical place to obtain the above, as well as the opportunity for us to offer samples and discount codes for you to use and pass on.


Gain access to a range of articles and resources, written and developed by our clinical team which will be informative and useful during maternity care and birth work.


Samples and unique discount codes for My Expert Midwife products to use or pass on to your clients.

For practitioners who provide antenatal classes we offer a complimentary, full set of products so you are able to demonstrate and test our products for yourself.

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